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10ft Shipping Container

10ft Shipping Container

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A 10ft shipping container/storage container is considered a standard container. Standard shipping containers/storage containers are 8ft 6in tall on the exterior. The container is comprised of 14-gauge corrugated steel panels throughout. It has lockable double doors on one end. It is equipped with 1-1/8” thick marine plywood flooring on the interior.

Although the 10ft storage containers are considered a standard container, their size makes them a bit more specialized. They do not get utilized in shipping service, as the larger containers do. Therefore, they are shipped in a different manner and are only available in new or “one-trip” condition. A new or “one-trip” container is not used in shipping service and is only shipped once.

A 10ft shipping container is a great option for customers with limited space on-site. They can easily be maneuvered and delivered to residential locations, retail strip malls, convenience stores, or just about anywhere that space is a premium. The 10ft storage container easily fits in a single parking space or driveway. A 10ft shipping container can be transported and delivered on a much smaller and more maneuverable vehicle than the larger container sizes.